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Where to find information about the size of the rim?
An important parameter of the rim is also the bolt spacing (the so-called pin spacing), which can be, for example, 5x114 - its first part means the number of mounting holes, the second diameter of the circle on which they are located. Bolt sizes are also specified by the manufacturer. Thanks to this information, knowledge about how to measure the spacing of screws ceases to be needed.
Use the search engine to choose the right tires for your car.
Parametry takie jak szerokość, profil oraz średnicę odczytasz z opony, którą posiadasz. Jeżeli nie masz pewności - zadzwoń, a nasza wykwalifikowana kadra pomoże w dokonaniu wyboru. W naszej ofercie znajdziesz oryginalne opony renomowanych producentów, które posiadają wszystkie wymagane certyfikaty i homologacje. Gwarantujemy bezpieczeństwo zakupów oraz fachowe doradztwo. Życzymy udanych zakupów.
Use the search engine to choose the right tires for your car.
Use the search engine to select the appropriate steel wheels for your car. Parameters such as spacing and size can be read from the rim you have on the car. If you are unsure what to choose - call and we will help you choose the right steel rims. By buying at ladnefelgi.pl you can be sure of successful and secure transactions. We enjoy your shopping.
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Specifications wheels

Size Wheels

Size Wheels is nothing but a given rim diameter in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Size Range rim to the car is pre-established by the manufacturer. Sometimes, however, you can use larger sizes of wheels, than are recommended assuming a lower profile tires. Please note that the profile of the tire is a percentage of the width. When choosing a smaller wheel size than recommended by the manufacturer, we can meet with the phenomenon of rubbing wheels with brake caliper components. In order to verify the technical parameters of the contact PH ALUFELGI with the following information: make, model, engine size and power KW.


Width wheels is measured between the protective collars. Rim width is given in inches. Tires should be selected having regard to the manufacturer of wheels, tires and vehicle. Today, we have a very wide range of tires, so choosing the appropriate should not be a problem. If an authorized service tells us that we can not use any other tires and alloy wheels than the limit recommended by the manufacturer or replacement of the service book, it's usually a lack of knowledge or a marketing exercise. Below we present indicative selection of tires to wheels.


Another very important parameter is the the number and spacing of holes the bolt / nut assembly. If the amount is a matter of course, the track is nothing more than the diameter of the circle on which these measures are mounting holes. Circle diameter is given in millimeters.
The following illustration shows the correct way to check the pin spacing.:


Embedding ET

Literally depth, also known as offset ( w jez. angielskim ), a commonly seating. The rear is usually given by the symbol ET. It defines the distance between the plane of the mounting ring (plane at the junction of the hub and the rim), and the vertical center of symmetry. With wheels of steel and aluminum which can meet with positive and negative values​​. A negative value of ET is that the rim is extended out. For example, for the ET - 20 if the axis of symmetry of the rim is extended outward by 20 mm relative to the mounting face.

Center hole

This is nothing more than a hole in the rim diameter, which has been adapted to a particular dimension of the car. It often happens, however, that the dimension of the center bore is larger than the diameter of the hub in the car. Then, use a centering ring.

Centering rings

Centering rings are generally made of plastic because it is acted upon friction, load, pressure, or other forces that cause deformation of the material. Centering ring is used only as the name suggests, the central place the wheel on the hub. If it were possible such a ring centering the wheel assembly on the car, you can just remove, with no damage to the vehicle.

7.0JJx16 H2 How to read these parameters and what they mean?


Read parameters as follows:

7,0 – is the width of the rim

J –is the profile shape of the flange rim

16 – is the diameter of the rim

H2 – is a parameter specifying the number of wygarbień the circumference of the rim which are secured against slipping tire to the inside rim, the operating overhung.

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