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Damage to the goods in transit

Familiarize yourself with the complaint process for goods damaged in transport.

Information on the right to withdraw from a distance contract can be found here .


We, on our side, during packing, do everything in our power to ensure that the goods are properly secured for shipment. But things are different on the road, so it may happen that parcels are damaged in transit . It is worth mentioning here that we do not deliver parcels ourselves, but use the services of a well-known international courier company.
Read what steps to take to solve this problem efficiently and quickly.


Why is it worth checking the condition of the goods at the courier? First of all, so that there is no situation that the product was not checked on delivery for possible damage in transport, and only before mounting it on the car. When checking the rims on the machine, it turns out that the deviations are significantly different from the norm, so a complaint is submitted to us. Rim and tire optimization is worth mentioning here - check out our article on the topic on our blog.
Reported settlements could be avoided by checking the goods with the courier . Because in the vast majority of cases it is the result of damage in transport, not errors at the production stage .


1. Check the condition of the package with the courier. Check the status of the package at the courier |
When collecting the package, make sure that the cartons do not show any signs of damage and that the goods comply with the contract. Remember that in the event of any deficiencies in the shipment or finding that the shipment has been mechanically damaged, you will have to write down a damage report , which is a necessary element to start a complaint. Remember that checking the goods with the courier is your statutory duty. We repeatedly inform you about this:

  • in the offer description
  • when placing an order
  • on sales documents/sales confirmation (receipt)
  • e-mails sent during the execution of the order
  • in the text message
  • in the store regulations

2. Write down the damage report. Write down the damage report |
The courier is not obliged to write down the protocol during delivery, and the process itself depends on the specific carrier. IMPORTANT! Prepare a damage report within 2 hours of delivery. Remember, it is your statutory duty to write the report on the same day.

At DPD : you can do it yourself online. The electronic form is available at

At UPS: at you request a courier who will appear at the agreed time to write the report.

Take pictures |

3. Take photos.
Take photos of the damaged goods: if you notice any damage, please take photos.

Take photos of damaged parcels: they will be needed in particular if the damage report is not written down on the day of collection. Stack the cartons on top of each other and photograph each side. See illustrative photos .

Send application by email |

4. Send the request by e-mail.
Then contact the Customer Service Department, sending us a damage report, photos of the damage and the order number. Email everything to: . Thanks to this information, we will be able to start the complaint process and we will contact you as soon as possible. Each application will be considered individually.


We repeatedly inform you about the rules for collecting parcels: in the offer description, when placing an order, on sales documents/sales confirmation (receipt), e-mails sent during the order, in text messages, in the store's regulations. Why? Because checking the goods at the courier and writing the report on the same day is your statutory duty!

In accordance with Art. 74 Dz.U.2012.0.1173, i.e. - Act of November 15, 1984 - Transport Law.
"If, after the delivery of the consignment, a loss or damage that cannot be noticed from the outside upon receipt is revealed, the carrier shall determine the condition of the consignment at the request of the authorized person reported immediately after the discovery of the damage, but not later than within 7 days from the date of receipt of the consignment."

Article 87 pr. postal - Liability of postal operators for non-performance or improper performance of the postal service.
The claim for improper performance of the postal service expires as a result of accepting the postal item without reservations, unless the loss or damage to the postal item not visible from the outside was found by the authorized person after accepting the postal item and no later than 7 days after accepting the item reported to the postal operator a claim for this title and proved that the loss or damage to the shipment occurred in the period between the receipt of the shipment by the postal operator for the purpose of performing the postal service and its delivery to the addressee.

"The Buyer has the usual obligations related to the receipt of items in accordance with the contract." (judgment of SA in Lublin of November 25, 1998, file reference number I ACa 351/98, Apel.-Lub. 1999/2/3).


Stack the cartons on top of each other and photograph each side:

Stack the cartons on top of each other and photograph each side | LadneFelgi.plStack the cartons on top of each other and photograph each side |