18'' Alloy wheels 6x130

This section of our online store contains 18" 6x130 aluminum rims. The marking of the 6x130 alloy rims informs about the number of holes in the wheel for mounting bolts and the spacing of these holes. In most modern cars, rims are mounted with 5 bolts. 18 6x130 alloy wheels have as many as 6 mounting holes with a spacing of 130 mm. Wheels with this spacing are used primarily in larger utility and delivery cars, such as MERCEDES Sprinter and VW Crafter.

High quality 18" 6x130 rims from the best manufacturers

All the alloy wheels we offer from RacingLine, including 18-inch alloy wheels, are of the highest quality. All thanks to detailed quality control performed at various stages of production, as well as thanks to tests such as: corrosion resistance tests, tensile tests, leak tests, radial runout and dynamic balancing tests, structural integrity, and assessment of paint coatings in the case of wheels finished in this way . ISO, VIA, JWL certificates, as well as a long warranty period, confirm the fulfillment of the relevant technical parameters and standard requirements.