18'' Alloy wheels 6x114.3

In this section of our store you can find out about our offer for 18" 6x114.3 rims. Behind the marking of the 6x114.3 alloy rims lies the number of holes in the rim for screws or mounting pins and the spacing of these holes. This spacing is the diameter of the circle, on which the holes are evenly and axially located. It is expressed in millimeters. The number of mounting holes must correspond to the number of bolts on the vehicle's hub. Definitely, in most modern cars, the rims are mounted with 5 bolts. However, the 18 6x114.3 alloy wheels offered in this section have as many as 6 mounting holes.They are dedicated primarily to pickup trucks.They are used by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan in Navara and Pathfinder models.Such rims can also be found in Mercedes X and Renault Alaskan, which are based on the same platform as Nissan.

Choose durable 18" 6x114.3 alloy wheels for your car

We sell 18" 6x114.3 rims from recognized manufacturers. We focus on RacingLine products. All our 18-inch alloy rims and rims in other sizes meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, also in off-road applications. We invite you to use our extensive offer.