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Haxer rims in our offer

Haxer - rims made in the Flow Forming technology

Haxer rims - the prestigious line of RacingLine rims.

Are you thinking about buying rims ? That's great - the wealth of choice at will make you find the rim designed for your car. But at this point, we want you to pause for a moment and consider whether or not it is worth investing in rims that we believe are worth the money. As experts in the field of aluminum rims, we would like to introduce you to Haxer rims - this is the RacingLine line dedicated to premium cars.

Haxer - a compromise between durability and price.

What are Haxer rims characterized by? Most of the models are made in the FLOW FORMING technology, thanks to which they are very durable , provide excellent resistance to deformation and have a reduced weight. They look like forged rims, but they are definitely cheaper than their legendary colleagues. Flow Forming technology allows you to achieve similar effects, while simplifying and accelerating the entire process. In addition, endurance tests carried out on rims made in the Flow Forming technology confirm that they are even better and stronger than the standard ones. Rims are about 20% more resistant to impacts, which means that the number of hits that a rim can take before being damaged increases. What's the lesson? Rims manufactured by the Flow Forming method reduce the weight of the vehicle, thanks to which the car has better dynamics, shorter braking distance and greater driving comfort. When buying, choose Haxers and enjoy EVEN STRONGER RIMS for a long time.

Flow Forming - what should you know?

Why is it worth investing in rims made in the Flow Forming technology? Find out more about the production process here. This technology is one of the most modern used in production. In order to obtain such excellent strength and weight parameters, each rim is subjected to appropriate processes . First, an aluminum disc is formed. The density of the material used is of great importance - the thicker the aluminum is, the more durable the rim is. Then, on a special machine that gives it a spinning motion, the aluminum is formed by the cylinder. Meanwhile, the puck is heated to a high temperature. The results are visible after some time - a rim with optimal proportions is created. For rim sizes greater than 18 ”, any shape of the rim shoulder can be achieved.

Overall, the entire production process is very similar to that used for forged wheels and the results achieved are similar - higher resistance to damage and distortion and reduced weight . At, we have equally good, and at the same time much cheaper alternatives - HAXER is a response to the needs of even the most demanding drivers. has over 10 years of experience, free delivery, warranty and certificates for the products sold.

Warranty and safety.

The line of Haxer rims from the RacingLine manufacturer is high durability confirmed by a warranty and appropriate certificates . When you buy alloy wheels in our store, you will receive a 36-month warranty for defects caused by the manufacturer's fault and a 12-month warranty for the varnish coating.

Our products are characterized by high quality of workmanship and have numerous certificates: ISO, VIA, JWL. ISO / TS 16949 certificate - defines the requirements for the quality system for products in the field of design or development, production, installation and service in the automotive industry.

During production, each rim is subjected to detailed quality control , including such important tests: tensile test, radial runout and dynamic balancing test, leak test, corrosion resistance test, structural integrity test, assessment of paint coatings. Additionally, rim strength tests under load and increased pressure are carried out.

And finally, what is most important - thousands of satisfied customers who come back to us, sparing no praise for the products we offer. For us, the most important thing is quality, which is confirmed by numerous comments on websites such as Trustedshops or Allegro . We invite you to read :)


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