Wheels Cadillac

The Cadillac brand is an exclusive car brand from Detroit.

History Cadillaca

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In 1890, Henry Leland opened a workshop in Detroit that produced steam and gasoline engines. Initially, he created them for boats, and over time also gears for the Oldsmobile car factory. When Leland began manufacturing car engines, he began working with Henry Ford and Ramsom E.Olds.

In 1902, Henry Leland worked as a designer at Ford, took over the newly opened factory and named it "Cadillac". Cadillac A with a 10HP 1-cylinder was the first model of this brand. The designer was known for high production accuracy. The first Cadillacs were extremely successful on the automotive market. In 1908, production of cars with four-cylinder engines began. In 1909, Cadillac was sold to the General Motors group.

Cadillac has introduced many innovative technical solutions to the market, e.g..:

  • 1912r.- electric starter,
  • 1914r.- the first V8 engine, therefore, entered the luxury class cars,
  • 1928r.- first synchronized gearbox,
  • 1930r.- first V16 engine (hydraulic valve clearance adjustment, separate suction and exhaust systems and upper camshaft,
  • 1948r.- the brand started the fashion for "tails" at the rear of the fender,
  • 1953r.– air conditioning debut,
  • 2006r.- Cadillac STS-V limousine from the V series sports car.

After the war, Cadillac cars were the most luxurious and expensive cars that were produced in the USA.


Most often they sell to the following Cadillac models: Escalade, Seville, SRX, STS, STS-V, XLR.

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