17'' Alloy wheels 5x112

In this section of our rims store, we offer products in one of the most popular and commonly used sizes, i.e. alloy wheels 17 5x112. Behind the given marking there are three important information describing the rim. This is the diameter of the entire rim, the number of holes for mounting bolts, and the so-called spacing of these bolts. Let's briefly discuss this marking.

Alloy wheels 17 5x112 - what does this marking mean?

The number 17 is the overall diameter of the rim. It is expressed in inches, so you can also meet the record of the rim 5x112 17 inches or 17 ". Behind the next two numbers, i.e. 5x112, there is the number and spacing of the bolts that secure the rim to the vehicle's hub. This parameter of each rim is always given in the format A x B [mm]. A is the number of mounting holes. B is the spacing of the holes, and more precisely the diameter of the circle on which the holes are located. They are always placed evenly. The diameter of this circle, as opposed to the diameter of the entire rim, is expressed in mm. The number of mounting holes must of course correspond to the number of screws (studs) on the hub of a given vehicle. 17 5x112 alloy wheels therefore have 5 holes located axially on a circle with a diameter of 112 mm.

How to measure the wheel bolt spacing? This question may arise if we are unable to verify this information otherwise. Fortunately, self-measurement is simple. For rims with an odd number of bolt holes, add up the 3 values. They are:

  • diameter of the center hole,
  • distance between the edge of the center hole and the edge of the screw hole multiplied by x2,
  • bolt hole diameter.

Aluminum wheels are a product that has many parameters describing it. Thanks to them, you can precisely match the appropriate rim to the vehicle, as well as the matching tire. The basic parameters of each rim are: diameter, number of bolt holes, bolt spacing, width, ET and center hole diameter. All given parameters are geometric parameters, i.e. they refer to the dimensions of the rim.

Choose durable 17” 5x112 alloy wheels for your car

As already mentioned, 17 5x112 alloy wheels are a very popular choice for many car manufacturers. They can be found primarily in vehicles of German brands, such as: Audi, BMW, Cupra (VAG concern), Mercedes, Seat (VAG concern), Skoda (VAG concern) or Volkswagen. Rims in this size and with this bolt spacing can also be found in cars such as the Infiniti Q30 and QX30, or the Toyota Supra. All thanks to platforms borrowed from German manufacturers - platforms that determine, among other things, the spacing of screws.

Of course, not all the alloys behind the 5x112 17 inch rim designation are the same. They can differ from each other, for example, the ET value, the width or the diameter of the central hole. In the rich offer of our store, we offer 17-inch alloy wheels with different values of individual parameters.