15'' Alloy wheels 4x108

An aluminum wheel is a product that is described by many parameters. The basic ones include: diameter, number of bolt holes, bolt spacing, width, ET and center hole diameter. All given parameters refer to the geometry, i.e. the dimensions of a given rim.

Alloy wheels 15 4x108 - what does this marking mean?

The number 15 refers to the diameter of the rim. It is expressed in imperial units, and specific in inches. Therefore, you can also find descriptions such as: 4x108 15-inch rims or 15″ rims.

Behind the next two numbers there are parameters such as the number and spacing of the bolts securing the rim to the vehicle's hub. The second value is expressed in mm. These features of each rim are always given together in the form A x B [mm], where A is the number of mounting holes, and B is the diameter of the circle on which they are located. The number of mounting holes must correspond to the number of screws (studs) on the vehicle hub. 4x108 15 inch rims therefore have 4 holes located axially on a circle with a diameter of 108 mm.

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Choose durable 15″ 4x108 alloy wheels for your car

Alloy wheels in size 15 4x108 are now widely used by manufacturers in new cars from the A and B segments. These are primarily Ford, Opel, Citroën and Peugeot. 15″ 4x108 rims can be found, for example, in such models as Fiesta, Tourneo, Crossland, C3, C4, C4 Cactus or 208. These are mainly small cars designed for efficient use in the city, which is why a 15″ rim is the right choice for them. It usually allows the use of tires with a medium or larger profile, which improves comfort and reduces the risk of damage in urban use.

Alloy wheels 15 4x108 have also been the basic type of wheel on many models over the past decades. They can be found in many generations of such cars as, for example: Audi 80, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Xara, Honda Civic, Renault Megan, Ford Escort, Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Golf. The example of alloy wheels 15 4x108 shows how the trends in car design have changed. One of them is increasing the diameter of the rims. Once upon a time, 15″ wheels were fitted to middle-class limousines. Currently, they are mainly used in city and compact cars.

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