18'' Alloy wheels 5x100

In this section of our store you can get to know our wide range of 18 inch 5x100 alloy wheels. The marking of the 5x100 alloy wheels defines the number of holes for screws or mounting pins and the spacing of these holes. Please note that the spacing is expressed in millimeters and is the diameter of the circle on which these holes are located. They are always placed evenly and axially. In this case, the 18" 5x100 rims have 5 holes placed around the circumference of the wheel with a diameter of 100 mm. Despite the large size, rims in this size, due to the spacing, are most often intended for cars of the city and compact class. These are popular hatchbacks such as the A3, Golf, Ibiza or Fabia, and trendy SUVs and crossovers such as the Forester, Arona, Taigo or Yeti.

High-quality 18" 5x100 alloy wheels from proven manufacturers

The 18-inch rims and rims in other sizes offered in our store are products from the renowned RacingLine company. They are used in both budget and premium cars. We invite you to get to know our entire attractive offer.