20 inch rims: only for chosen ones

20 inch alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are an inseparable attribute of the attractive appearance of the car. New rims 20" will increase the prestige of your car and improve the comfort of driving. In our offer we have a wide range of choice of designs and colors. Every even the greatest individualist will find rims perfect for themselves. Even if you want to have a mixed version - you've come to the right place.

20-inch rims ideal for cars with the right weight

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Along with the size of the rim, the visual values of the vehicle grow. 19 "alusy" evoke admiration for passers-by, make the car a new face. Properly selected rim design will highlight the vehicle's dynamics or mark its dignity. Even larger sizes, such as the 20" below, are mounted on vehicles of adequate weight and can achieve high speeds. These and other sizes are available in our store, where you will find only original wheels , providing buyers with excellent driving quality, while having a positive effect on the look.

We offer over 1000 wheels. Each of them is the highest quality product from top manufacturers. Always original, they are made of the best quality alloys of steel and light metals. The assortment of our store has many sizes of rims, so that everyone can choose a product corresponding to expectations. When choosing the appropriate size, we should be guided not only by visual aspects but also by technical parameters.

When deciding to buy 20" rims you should know their limitations and requirements for the vehicle. All the questions regarding the products available in our store will be answered by the experts, for whom the car hoops have no secrets.

Marking of 20 inch alloy wheels.

Each model has its own designation, which is assigned by the manufacturer. You can find them on the rim, carton or product card in our store. You can also read from there the technical parameters of the aluminum rim, thanks to which you will perfectly match the rim to your car.

Detailed marking of aluminum rims - LadneFelgi.pl

In this context, it is worth mentioning the details of the parameters:
[A] Rim size - the rim diameter in inches. Possible sizes are predetermined by the car manufacturer. Rims other than those provided by the manufacturer cannot be used.
[B] Rim width - is measured between the rim flanges and is given in inches. When choosing tires for a rim, take this parameter and the car manufacturer's recommendations into account.
[C] Spacing - specifies the number of mounting holes and their spacing measured in millimeters. More precisely, it is the diameter of the circle where the centers of the mounting holes are located.
[D] ET - ET parameter or offset or weaning. It is given in millimeters and depends on the specific width of the rim. The lower the value of ET, the more the rim is.
[E] The central hole of the rim - it is a dimension given in millimeters and determines the diameter of the center hole of the rim. If the car has a smaller hub diameter, centering rings can be used.
Manufacturer model - determines the appearance of the rim. If you enter it in the store search engine, you will easily find the model in all sizes available at the moment.

RacingLine - producer of 20" aluminum rims.

Logo of the American manufacturer of RacingLine rims, which are available for sale at LadneFelgi.pl

Below is an offer of 20" alloy wheels, which are produced by a trusted manufacturer - the company RacingLine . Since 2008, from the beginning of our cooperation, we have become a leading distributor of rims from this manufacturer in Poland. All rims are subjected to tests and inspections - more at the production stage. RacingLine alloy wheels are products of the highest quality, so each 20" rim has high driving characteristics and very good workmanship, which is confirmed by ISO / TS 16949, VIA JWL certificates and positive customer feedback. Additionally, each product has a long warranty period . For defects caused by the manufacturer's fault, it is 36 months, and for the varnish coating, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty period.