Wheels Skoda

It is a Czech company dealing in the production of cars, which currently belongs to the Volkswagen group.

History SKODY

Szeroka gama felg Aluminiowych do SKODY. LadneFelgi.pl

In 1895 two men Václav Laurin and Václav Klement founded a company called Laurin & Klement. The company initially dealt with the production of bicycles, and from 1898 began to produce motorcycles.

The prototype of the first car was created in 1901. Under the brand Laurin & Klement cars were manufactured until 1928. Later the company was taken over by the Škoda Holding group. Skoda joined the Volkswagen group in April 1991. The first model of the car in which Volkswagen technology is used was Škoda Felicia, which in later years replaced Škoda Fabia.

By purchasing the factory and the brand, Volkswagen also bought the right to people working there who were highly educated, and at the same time very efficient and creative. Under the rule of VW, Skoda Octavia was founded in 1996, which was based on the technique of Volkswagen Golf.

The fashion for urban shapely vans was initiated by Skoda Roomster. Skoda has access to VW technologies and techniques and uses them very creatively. It was supposed to be a cheap brand, but thanks to hard work it became a brand that brings huge revenues.

Wheels SKODA

The most-sold rims for the following SKODA models: Fabia, Felicia, Octavia, Praktik, Roomster, Superb, Yeti. Aluminum rims for every Skoda model at LadneFelgi. You do not know what rims you should choose for the winter - aluminum or steel? Our sellers will advise you, call ask, we will dispel your doubts. Our offer is very wide, we also have tires from many well-known brands.

Skoda alloy wheels - high quality car rims

The alloy wheels for Skoda offered in our store are the highest quality products. They are characterized by high durability. They will meet both demanding urban conditions and those prevailing on motorways and expressways. Thanks to proven materials, Skoda rims will look like new for a long time, and most importantly, they will guarantee safe driving.

Which Skoda alloy wheels to choose?

The current range of Skoda vehicles is very rich. It consists, among others, of fashionable SUVs, city cars, practical station wagons and classic sedans. Each segment is represented by at least one model. Some of them are available in hybrid (plug-in hybrid) and 100% electric versions. The current design language of the brand is characterized by clear edges of the body panels and strong embossing. An additional highlight of this design are aggressively drawn LED daytime running lights. The wheel arches are also well emphasized, which allows the Skoda alloy wheels to be exposed.

So which alloy wheels for Skoda should you choose? Considering the appearance of these cars, it is worth betting on wheel models with a modern design, based on sharp edges and geometric shapes. A good choice will be rims with split spokes - for example, double. Skoda models with a black finish, such as the SPORTLINE and RS variants, will look great on rims painted partially or completely in black. The brand's bestsellers, such as FABIA, OCTAVIA and SUPERB, will also work well with classic-style rims.

For fans of visual car modifications, the ideal choice will be rims in a large size with an original look. These can be, for example, models with many thin arms, thanks to which the braking system will also be effectively exposed. Another option are rims with a wide rim or models stylized as multi-piece alloy rims.

Regardless of which model of the Czech brand you are looking for rims, you will surely find them here. We invite you to take advantage of the offer of our store with rims for Skoda and cars of other brands.