Wheels Isuzu

The Isuzu brand can be counted among the oldest Japanese car manufacturers. Vans and off-road vehicles as well as trucks, buses and combustion engines are also produced. Japanese brand engines are or have been used for Opel, Honda, as well as Chevrolet, Saab and Renault cars.

History ISUZU

Szeroka gama felg Aluminiowych do ISUZU. LadneFelgi.pl

In 1916, ISUZU Motors Limited was established as a leading car manufacturer. ISUZU Motors Limited also produces a lot of utility diesel engines. To date, the company has produced over 23 million diesel power units. ISUZU diesel engines are used by a very large group of manufacturers from around the world. Big companies choose them because of their unparalleled durability, excellent performance and low fuel consumption. Diesel engines of this brand are used not only in cars, but also are used to power ships, heavy machinery for generating electricity.

The company also has production plants not only in Japan but also, among others in Thailand and Indonesia manufactures cars, while in Poland and the USA engines.

Wheels ISUZU

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