- a wide range of alloy wheels.

A wide range of certified alloy wheels.

Are you looking for rims that fit your car? At, we have thousands of models, in various sizes, spacings and other technical parameters. It does not matter if you are the owner of an Audi, BMW, Fiat, Volkswagen or Porsche, because we have rims for most car models - both new and slightly older. As experienced sellers, we focus on reliability and we want you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of RacingLine rims, which are distinguished by a wealth of choice, production technology and certificates.

Advantages of aluminum rims.

Aluminum rims reduce the weight of the car, which translates into improved driving parameters and safety. Buy at

You are a road user and you come across cars with alloy wheels every day. Aluminum rims are very popular not only among automotive enthusiasts, but also among ordinary drivers. If you are wondering what makes so many people trust aluminum rims, we are in a hurry with the answer.

So the most important advantages of aluminum rims are:

  • ✔ Less weight compared to steel wheels.
  • ✔ Greater resistance to mechanical damage.
  • ✔ A wealth of designs and colors available.

The advantages are attributed to the technology used in the production process and numerous tests. Much greater durability compared to steel rims is the result of the use of appropriate mixtures of aluminum alloys and low-pressure casting. In the factory, on the production line, each rim is checked for defects and surface flaws and is tested in an x-ray machine. After passing a series of tests, the rims are heat treated. As a consequence, the alloy wheels are more resistant and less prone to cracks and distortions.

Aluminum rims are also characterized by a lower weight compared to steel rims, because they are made of good quality aluminum. And the density of aluminum is more than three times lower than that of steel, so after appropriate treatment, we obtain a rim that is both light and durable. If you buy alloy wheels and attach them to your car, you will reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, which will translate into increased safety and improved driving parameters such as: driving dynamics, cornering stability, suspension efficiency and brake system cooling.

And finally, there is a visual element. The alloy wheels of the American manufacturer RacingLine are appreciated all over the world for their attractive appearance. The wealth of available designs and colors is another advantage of aluminum rims over steel ones. The models are available in several colors: black, brown, gold, green, gray, graphite, orange, silver or white. The varnish is available in various levels of gloss and finish. Thanks to this, our customers will find rims that match a given model, in accordance with the visual expectations.

Marking of aluminum rims.

Each model of rims sold on has its own designation, which is given by the manufacturer.

Each model has its own designation, which is assigned by the manufacturer. You can find them on the rim, carton or product card in our store. You can also read from there the technical parameters of the aluminum rim, thanks to which you will perfectly match the rim to your car.

Detailed marking shown on the rims

For example, for the BK473 model, we have such a code and the following technical parameters:
16X6.5 5X130 ET50 89.1 BK473 MB
[A] Size: 16”.
[B] Rim width: : 6,5”.
[C] Wheel PCD 5x130.
[D] ET: ET50.
[E] Center bore: 89,1.
Model: BK473 MB.

In this context, it is worth mentioning the details of the parameters. The rim size is the rim diameter in inches. Possible sizes are predetermined by the car manufacturer. Rims other than those provided by the manufacturer cannot be used. Rims are available in sizes from 13 "to 23". The width is measured between the rim flanges and is given in inches. When choosing tires for a rim, take this parameter and the car manufacturer's recommendations into account. On you will find rims in widths between 4.5 "and 12". Wheel PCD determines the number of mounting holes and their spacing measured in millimeters. More precisely, it is the diameter of the circle on which the centers of the mounting holes are located, e.g. 3x112, 4x98, 5x130, 6x120. ET - otherwise offset or weaning. It is given in millimeters and depends on the specific rim width. The lower the ET value, the more the rim is. Center bore is a dimension given in millimeters and determines the diameter of the center hole of the rim. If the car has a smaller hub diameter, centering rings can be used. The manufacturer's model determines the appearance of the rim. If you enter it in the store search engine, you will easily find the model in all sizes available at the moment.

RacingLine - a trusted manufacturer of alloy wheels.

Logo of the American manufacturer of RacingLine rims, which are available for sale at

On the website of the store you will find a wide selection of aluminum rims, which are produced by the RacingLine company. The long cooperation with this manufacturer has been going on since 2008 until today. During this time, we have become the leading distributor of the American manufacturer's rims in Poland. Before the rims are released to the market, they are thoroughly tested and inspected - even at the production stage. We offer our customers the highest quality products, so each rim has high driving properties and very good quality, which is confirmed by ISO / TS 16949, VIA JWL certificates and positive customer feedback. RacingLine alloy wheels have a long warranty period. For defects caused by the manufacturer's fault, it is 36 months, and for the varnish coating, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty period. RacingLine alloy wheels work well in passenger cars and SUVs, increasing driving comfort and satisfaction with appearance.

Two sets of rims - an economical solution.

The team recommends having two sets of tires on rims.

The obligation to replace tires with winter ones exists in many European countries. Most drivers choose tires that are adapted to the season. If you are the owner of seasonal tires and you have one set of rims, you have to change tires twice a year. Do you waste time, money and nerves with each visit to a vulcanizer? Then you need to consider having two sets of rims.

Buying a second set of rims is an investment. Of course, it involves a one-off expense, but this one will pay off after a few years. However, on average, we drive one car much longer. Owners of rims and tires for the winter and summer seasons do not have the costs of visiting the service station, which are incurred twice a year. As you might guess, the wheels can be replaced on their own - under the block, in the garage, under the house. Having two sets - we save.

Surely you've heard more than once that winter surprised road workers. This usually applies to our city snow removal services. But we know from experience that the unexpected attack of winter can find many drivers on summer tires. Suddenly, vulcanization has their hands full, and you have to wait for your turn. If you have tires on rims, it takes a moment to replace the entire wheels in the event of a sudden break in the weather.

And if the time comes when you want to sell your car, you know that having summer and winter tires on rims is an advantage in such a situation and you will find a potential buyer faster.

As sellers with many years of experience, we want to share our knowledge supported by thousands of satisfied customers. We recommend having two sets of tires on rims intended for the summer and winter seasons. It is definitely a cheaper and more convenient solution.

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