Steel wheels

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Certified steel rims in your car - choose a proven solution!

Why do traditional steel rims still have a large group of customers? Two key aspects are primarily decisive: the possibility of using the rims in winter as a second set of wheels and, of course, the financial aspect - the price of steel rims is lower than alloy wheels. So if you are looking for good steel rims at affordable prices, you've come to the right place! Choose a proven solution, because our rims are characterized by high quality, which is confirmed by certificates and a long warranty period. Steel rims are available in various configurations and models, so that they best match the customer's expectations - that is, your expectations!

The price of steel rims on is lower than aluminum rims.

Advantages of steel rims.

Wheels are one of the basic elements that ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, which is why we offer nibs only from a proven manufacturer. Steel rims have a number of advantages that we must present. When purchasing a new set of rims, the user should focus on ✅ HIGH QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP. Rims should meet the requirements of relevant technical standards, in the case of our rims they are ✅ ISO / TS 16949 CERTIFICATES and TESTS performed at the factory, at the production stage. ✅ STEEL RIMS ARE POWDER COATED, which means they are finished with the most popular method available on the market. Thanks to the power coating technology, the rims not only look aesthetically, but are also adequately protected against damage or corrosion. The durability of the applied paint is high, which is confirmed by tests performed in a salt spray chamber, still at the production stage. ✅ Steel rims COOPERATE very well with ANY TYPE OF SUSPENSION. Another advantage of steel rims is their ✅ AFFORDABLE PRICE. A set of original rims made of steel costs significantly less than a set of aluminum rims, because the production of nibs is less complicated and the materials from which they are made are cheaper. It is also cheaper to regenerate or repair any damage caused during everyday use. The nibs are very easy to restore to serviceable condition if they become damaged or bent, with more plants going to repair. In conclusion, if you decide to buy steel rims, you will certainly appreciate their high quality, low price and low repair costs.

Steel rims as the second set of rims.

The team recommends customers to have two sets of tires on rims.

Many road users have two sets of pre-cut winter and summer wheels with rims and tires. One is set up for the season, and the other is politely waiting for its turn in the basement or garage. This is definitely a more convenient and cheaper solution than just replacing the tires. The team strongly recommends our clients to have two sets of tires on rims.

However, the choice of the type of rims that will be used in winter is an individual decision of each of us. In short, both solutions have their pros and cons. However, in most cases it looks like we use designer aluminum rims for the summer, while with the onset of winter, steel rims rule the streets. Why is it like this? The answer is simple. Prettier aluses look more aesthetically during holiday trips. In winter, when the weather conditions are extreme and the temperature is negative, the rim is more likely to be damaged. This is when rims made of aluminum come in handy, as they are cheaper to repair. offers rims from the manufacturer SDT StahlRader.

Certified SDT StahlRader steel rims.

We offer rims from the manufacturer SDT StahlRader. The line of steel rims has been on the market since 2013. Each rim manufactured under the StahlRader brand must undergo a research and testing cycle to be released from the factory. During the production process, production plants carry out tensile tests, radial runout, dynamic balancing, strength under load, paint coating, tightness and corrosion resistance tests. Therefore, 100% functional and tested products are available for sale. The high quality of the nibs offered at is confirmed by ISO / TS 16949 certificates.

If you are wondering how a steel rim is made, we offer the answer. The production process begins with the design phase. Care should be taken to minimize material wastage. Production takes place in many stages. First, a huge sheet of steel is properly bent, welded and smoothed. Then the rim is processed in the press. In parallel, the rim mounting plane for the vehicle is created - stud holes, vents, center hole. Both elements are joined together at high temperature and then welded together. In this work, precision is essential, because mistakes of the order of a millimeter reduce the properties of the rim and its rejection during the testing phase. One of the last stages in the production of steel rims is their painting. Each rim is powder coated, which provides it with additional protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. It all adds up to the highest quality and allows the manufacturer to provide the product with a long warranty.

Which steel rims should you choose?

Each model has special markings that are worth paying attention to during the purchasing process.

When buying, choose rims that match your car. Our configurator can help you find the product you are looking for. Each model has special markings that are worth paying attention to during the purchasing process.

The rim model (SDT 57125) determines the appearance of the rim. The rim size (14", 15", 16", 17") is the rim diameter in inches. Possible sizes are predetermined by the manufacturer and are closely related to the model, brand, year and version of your car's engine. The width (5", 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7") is measured between the rim flanges and is given in inches. When choosing tires for the rim, take this parameter and the manufacturer's recommendations into account. Wheel PCD (4x100, 5x108, 6x130 ...) determines the number and spacing of the mounting holes. This is the diameter of the circle in millimeters on which the centers of these mounting holes are located. ET (23, 33, 35 ...) - otherwise offset, weaning. It is given in millimeters and expresses the distance between the center line of the rim and the mounting plane. It depends on the width of the rim. The smaller the offset, the more the rim protrudes beyond the contour of the bodywork. It is important not to go to extremes in any direction with this parameter, because too small ET will cause the tire to rub against the outer edge of the wheel arch, and too large will cause the wheel to catch on the suspension elements. The center hole of the rim (54.1, 56.6, 57.1…) is a dimension given in millimeters. If the car has a smaller hub diameter, centering rings are used. Well-matched steel rims will ensure safety and comfort during everyday car driving.