Steel wheels 14 inches - attractive price

Selected the right rims for your vehicle, we often forget that it is not just their appearance that counts. The rims are extremely important the chassis component. The tire is fitted on it, thus deciding on driving comfort, driver safety, equipment and other traffic users. Depending on the vehicle profile, we choose larger or smaller rims - their size must be optimal, appropriate to the weight of the vehicle and its character. Since 2013, our extensive range of alloy wheels has been joined by steel equivalents, available in various sizes and colors.

When you decide to buy used wheels in our store you are required to handle the right choice. Due to the fact that rims are one of the elements of the chassis that determines the safety and comfort while traveling by car, our products are a guarantee of high quality. Bearing in mind the needs of our clients, we only offer proven and recognized solutions. In this matter, we do not compromise - our range consists only of the best products at attractive prices.

14-inch steel wheels are extremely often chosen by customers. In the option with tires with a high allow profile for comfortable driving and a small impact of bumps on the surface on the comfort of the driver and passengers. We encourage you to use our products available below.