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In 1879, Yataro Iwasaki formed the shipping company Tsukomo Showkai. In later years, the name was changed to Mitsubishi Shokai, and the word Mitsubishi derived from the Japanese language has the meaning of three diamonds. After a few years, the company was constantly expanding its activity, building a repair shipyard, and also entered the postal services market.


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The automotive chapter began in 1917, when the first car was created - Mitsubishi Model A. This model was inspired by Fiat Zero, it was to be durable and have low fuel consumption. The model was not successful, and production was completed after producing only 22 copies. After the defeat of the first car, Mitsubishi did not produce cars for several years, but still worked on improving individual components. In 1931, a diesel engine was produced that was designed to drive a T1 truck.

During World War II, Mitsubishi produced, among others, aircraft for the Japanese army, and shortly after the war ended, the group was divided into many small companies. The first post-war passenger vehicle left the factory in 1960. In 1970, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was separated. The goal was to manufacture cars and parts for them. Then appeared the Lancer model, which was also available in Europe in a short time. Mitsubishi L200 is also worth mentioning. In 1978 the first version of the car premiered, it was a pick-up.

Mitsubishi Outlander has been produced since 2003. An interesting fact is that at the beginning of 2014, the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV had its premiere in the Polish Mitsubishi offer. The Mitsubishi sales offer since 2010 has been the crossover ASX, which was produced thanks to cooperation with the PSA concern. The global car is the new Space Star, whose production began in 2012 in Thailand. Then the car went to Europe, including Poland.


The most-sold rims for the following MITSUBISHI models: ASX, Carisma, Colt(V, VI, Cabrio), Galant, Grandis, L200, Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Outlander, Pajero (Panin, sport), Space (Runner, Star, Wagon).

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