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Rims of the American manufacturer RacingLine in our offer

Table of Contents

RacingLine alloy wheels

What kind of alloy wheels is the automotive fan looking for? When buying with your eyes, we pay attention to design, colorless varnishes available in various levels of gloss or finish. The production process of light alloy rims is more and more a combination of art and science. In addition to the effective design and price, the interest of customers also includes - much more than a few years ago - the quality of the rims, the place of their production and certificates confirming the quality and guaranteeing the safety of use.

Logo RacingLine

RacingLine aluminum rims are a perfect combination of an affordable price with excellent quality of goods. The store has been cooperating with this manufacturer since 2008. As part of the RacingLine brand, we offer lines of rims such as Vissol, PDW (SUV), Milano, NZ, Lege Artis, SNP, XR, S and the premium line of HAXER rims. Thanks to hard work, dedication and care for customer satisfaction, the company continues to sell successfully on the Polish market and also abroad.

A wide range of alloy wheels at low prices

Felgi RacingLine - Salon

The constantly expanding offer of our store, the experience gained and a lot of new customers make us perfect partners in purchases. By offering our clients access to the highest quality products in various sizes, colors and prices, we have become a leading distributor in Poland of rims of the well-known and respected brand - RacingLine.

RacingLine products are appreciated all over the world, not only because of their attractive appearance. Their manufacturer guarantees high driving properties and exceptional quality of workmanship confirmed by many certificates and proven by numerous customers. Also with us, you can buy products of the American company at extremely attractive prices. Our offer includes several hundred designs and sizes, thanks to which the owners of various cars will find rims that match their model, in line with visual expectations.

By choosing the solutions we propose, you can be sure of the highest quality of services provided at attractive prices. Many years of experience combined with passion guarantee that our consultants, who provide you with advice, will help you choose a product that fully meets your requirements.

Felgi RacingLine - Certyfikaty ISO TÜV

Production of rims - dies for foundry molds

The beginning of each new model of light alloy wheels is the virtual modeling of the casting die. During this time, engineers develop a 3D model that is subjected to virtual testing. And finally, tests in laboratory or road conditions. The scale of the undertaking is evidenced by the fact that each year one of the largest factories introduces nearly 1,000 new molds for rims to the market. Some of them are completely new patterns. From one very expensive die, from 25,000 to 60,000 castings can be made.

In modern factories, precise CNC machines allow for casting and machining of rims of any type and size. In the era of reverse engineering, you can easily recreate any desired casting mold at the customer's request, as well as e.g. for oldtimers

Production of RacingLine rims - the low-pressure method ensures high durability of the rims

Casting is the main activity in the production of light alloy rims. RacingLine alloy wheels are manufactured using the low-pressure method. This process involves the action of air pressure on the aluminum (while still in liquid form) during casting. This helps the molten metal to fill the die better and more accurately. Counteracting the formation of air bubbles takes place during the centrifugation process - it degasses the material and removes all air accumulations.

Felgi RacingLine - Metoda niskociśnieniowa

In general, two types of casting are used in the production of aluminum rims: gravity casting and low pressure casting (sometimes also using the so-called counter-pressure). Of course, the low-pressure method used in the production of RacigLine wheels is a MUCH BETTER SOLUTION than the gravity casting process, where only the force of gravity is used. Without additional pressure, aluminum fills the mold much less accurately, and internal blemishes often appear unnoticeable to the naked eye. As a consequence, light alloy wheels are less resistant and more prone to cracks and distortions.

RacingLine rims production - quality control

The tightness of the rims determines safety. After cooling, the rim is checked for defects and surface flaws that could affect its durability in the future. The detected casting discontinuity practically disqualifies the rim. After passing the initial test, the internal structure of the rim in the X-ray machine is analyzed. Then the rim is subjected to further processing, i.e. heating at high temperature and slowly cooling down. Thanks to this treatment, the mechanical properties are strengthened, making the rims more durable and durable. The next step is to drill mounting holes in the alloy wheels. The final stage is varnishing.

Painting the RacingLine rims

Painting RacingLine alloy wheels is a very important "beauty treatment". It is not without reason that manufacturers in the industry talk about functional paints. The individual layers have specific properties, ensuring the appropriate characteristics of the entire coating. The first layer of primer is applied - with the best possible flow, because only such a layer will fill the smallest unevenness, and by penetrating into the casting, it will ensure the tightness of the product. The constantly growing expectations in relation to the varnish coatings used on aluminum rims generate the development of paints intended for this purpose. It is not only aesthetics that counts, but also the high mechanical resistance of the applied coatings, as well as resistance to UV radiation or car chemicals.

RacingLine rims are high durability confirmed by a 3-year warranty

Felgi RacingLine - Linia produkcyjna

For the rims from our offer, the manufacturer gives a very long warranty , which is as much as 36 months for defects caused by the manufacturer's fault and a 12-month warranty for the varnish coating . The manufacturer's declaration itself is a sign of great quality. We would like to share with you our own experiences as well as knowledge from thousands of satisfied customers who return to our online store and stationary branches even after several years, sparing praise and satisfaction with the goods we offer. Buyers recommend rims to friends and family and we often hear that this is the second or third purchase of this company's rims. Often, when changing a car, customers decide to buy RacingLine alloy wheels again. We invite you to read the comments of Allegro customers, assessing the compliance of the item with the description, cost and delivery time. We also work with a few dealerships and workshops in Poland, which systematically use our assortment and knowledge in the field of aluminum rims. We are sure of the quality of our rims not only by hearing customer declarations but also by our own experience. All our vans run on aluminum rims from this manufacturer, transporting dozens of sets between warehouses every day. Rims are also popular with employees and friends.

Fast and well packaged shipment

Felgi RacingLine - Wysyłka DPD

The goods ordered by the customer are carefully packed and secured by our employees in the warehouse and shipped within a maximum of 3 working days. From the date of shipment, 99% of the alloy wheels are delivered on the next working day by the DPD courier company to the address provided. In addition, the parcels are insured, so you can rest easy while waiting for the parcel. This gives us the certainty that ultimately each customer will receive a new, undamaged and 100% functional product.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with and take advantage of our offer.

RacingLine aluminum rims in conjunction with the store mean certain quality and an affordable and attractive price. It is also the satisfaction and smile of the CUSTOMER, which is the most important for us in the whole project. Thanks to YOU, WE exist and we can still turn gray cars into beautiful sports or elegant vehicles, refreshing and rejuvenating the appearance, we hope also of YOUR CAR. Skip brokers, do not overpay for the same goods that have passed through several hands. We are a direct importer of the American company RacingLine.

They trusted us - photo gallery from satisfied customers