16'' Alloy wheels 4x108

The aluminum wheel is a relatively complex product. Behind each high-quality rim, there is an advanced material engineering, as well as many parameters describing the geometrical properties of a given product. Thanks to them, you can precisely match the appropriate rim to the vehicle and the matching tire to the rim. The basic parameters of each rim include: diameter, number of bolt holes, bolt spacing, width, ET and center hole diameter. All given parameters refer to the dimensions of a specific rim.

Alloy wheels 16 4x108 - what does this marking mean?

The number 16 is, of course, the diameter of the rim. It is expressed in the imperial unit, i.e. in inches. You can also find descriptions such as: 4x108 16-inch rims or 16″ rims.

Behind the next two numbers there is the number and spacing of the bolts that secure the rim to the vehicle's hub. This parameter of each rim is always given in the form A x B [mm], where A is the number of mounting holes, and B is the diameter of the circle on which they are located. The diameter of this circle, as opposed to the diameter of the entire rim, is expressed in mm. The number of mounting holes must, of course, correspond to the number of screws (studs) on the vehicle's hub. 16 4x108 alloy wheels therefore have 4 holes located axially on a circle with a diameter of 108 mm.

Of course, not all 4x108 16" rims are the same. They can differ from each other, for example, the ET value, the width or the diameter of the central hole. In the rich offer of our store, we offer 16-inch alloy wheels with a different number of bolts and different spacing of bolt holes.

Choose durable 16″ 4x108 alloy wheels for your car

Currently, 16 4x108 alloy wheels are most often used by such concerns as Citroën, Ford, Mazda, Opel and Peugeot. They can be found, for example, on the C3 Aircross, C3 III Hatchback, Fiesta VIII, Tourneo Van Courier, Crossland and Crossland X, 208, 2008. They can also be found on the exclusive DS brand from Citroën, namely the DS 3 Crossback.< /p>

4x108 16-inch rims were also commonly used in many models, which premiered several, dozen or even several dozen years ago. These are, for example, such cars as: Audi 80, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Xara, Honda Civic, Renault Megan, Ford Escort, Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Golf. In the extensive offer of our store you can find many different models of 16 4x108 rims. These are the highest quality products, thanks to which they are durable even in the face of demanding operating conditions. Regardless of what car you are looking for alloy wheels, you can be sure that you will find them here.