15'' Alloy wheels 4x100

15 4x100 alloy wheels are commonly used by many different manufacturers in new cars from the A and B segments. These are primarily Dacia, Opel, Citroën and Peugeot, as well as many Asian manufacturers, such as: Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota. 4x100 rims in the size of 15 inches can be found in such popular cars as Suzuki Swift, Toyota Aygo and Yaris, Mada 2, Honda Jazz or KIA Stonic. This rim size ensures the attractive appearance of small cars, and at the same time allows the use of a tire with a profile that ensures comfort of travel in urban conditions and reduces the risk of damage as a result of rubbing against high curbs.

Alloy wheels 15 4x100 were also used in many older models of popular cars. They can be found in such vehicles as: Volkswagen Golf and Polo, Opel Agila, or Volvo V40 and S40.

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Alloy wheels 4x100 15" - what does this marking mean?

The aluminum rim has many markings informing us about the different parameters of the rim. The basic ones include: diameter, number of bolt holes, bolt spacing, rim width, ET and center hole diameter. All given parameters refer to the dimensions of a given rim. So what does the following description mean: "alloy wheels 15 4x100"?

The number 15 is the diameter of the rim. Its unit is inches. That is why you can also find descriptions such as: 4x100 15" rims or 15" rims. The next two numbers are the number and spacing of the bolts securing the rim to the vehicle's hub. The second value is given in mm. 4x100 15" rims have 4 holes located axially on a circle of diameter 100 mm.

In the rich offer of our store, we offer 15-inch rims with a different number of bolt holes and different spacing.