Choose the right rims - enjoy safe driving and attractive vehicle appearance

Thanks to our rims you will change your car!

The rims we offer have the required VIA, JWL and ISO certificates, which guarantees their high quality. Rims are covered by a 36-month warranty. They have been sold since 2008. They have been tested by thousands of customers, on Allegro alone we received over 2,310 positive comments (February 16, 2022), which confirms the quality of the product and the high level of service. We have received dozens of photos of cars from satisfied customers, see the gallery.

We offer rims in many sizes, with different spacing and in various colors. Every driver in Poland can find alloy wheels for his passenger car, SUV, off-road or delivery car, which are additionally reinforced and adapted to the transport of heavy goods. We offer an average of 1,500 products available immediately, also BLANK rims that can be adapted to each car.

In our warehouses we have over 1000 models of rims for cars of leading brands, ranging from Audi, BMW, through Ford, Honda, Toyota, to Volvo. "Alusy" are a great way to increase the visual value of your vehicle, while taking advantage of many functional amenities, which go hand in hand with, above all, the lower weight of the vehicle. The lighter weight of the rims reduces the consumption of confusion and fuel, which in the case of longer use makes it more expensive than in the case of steel rims. Due to their shape, aluminum rims improve ventilation of the brake system, in particular brake discs and calipers, increasing their efficiency, and thus reducing their wear.

Logo of the manufacturer of RacingLine rims, which are available at

We have been cooperating with the rim manufacturer, company Racing Line from the very beginning. During many years of cooperation, our goods have been thoroughly tested by our buses, private cars and thousands of satisfied customers, as evidenced by positive comments on the Allegro auction site. The company has also been awarded the Allegro standard, which guarantees the highest standard of customer service.

We work with many authorized car services throughout Poland. Our specialists will be happy to provide any information related to the technical aspects of rims. To contact them, call our store hotline.

If you are looking for wheels for BMW, AUDI or VW, you've come to the right place. You can find many of the latest models. The hit in this summer season are aluminum rims with polished elements in many colors, including: white, silver, graphite or black, and many other very interesting finishes in mat and gloss. The aluminum rims we offer are available in various sizes. The smallest are 13", reaching peak sizes of 23". The aluminum rims we sell have certificates valid in the EU (ISO, VIA, JWL). Alloy wheels are covered by a written 3-year warranty .

Our partner dealing with the delivery of parcels is an international courier company, which guarantees the delivery of a carefully secured parcel within one day from dispatch. In addition, shipments are insured, which means that in the event of damage, the customer does not incur any financial losses. The condition is to check the condition of the goods at the time of receipt of the shipment.

The optimal wheel size determines whether a given vehicle will provide us with a comfortable and safe ride. In order to adjust our offer to the customers' requirements, we provide various sizes of rims, in order to provide you with both a pleasant ride and an attractive appearance of the vehicle.

If you want to find out which rim is the best for your car, please contact our consultants. Then you can count on professional advice of people for whom rims - both aluminum and steel - have no secrets. Many years of experience combined with passion are the features that our consultants will use to help you choose the right products.