TPMS - tire pressure sensor

TPMS pressure sensors – how does this system work.

TPMS is a tire pressure monitoring system that plays a key role in ensuring driving safety. TPMS sensors are advanced electronic devices that continuously measure the air pressure in each vehicle's tire , wirelessly transmitting accurate readings to the vehicle's on-board computer. They enable immediate detection of dangerously low pressure levels. Improper tire pressure can lead to various dangerous situations on the road, including loss of vehicle control, extended braking distances, and even tire bursts. TPMS systems are designed to keep the driver informed about tire pressure status, allowing them to react quickly and adjust the pressure to the recommended level. Regularly checking tire pressure and maintaining it at the appropriate level is the basis of safe driving. Thanks to TPMS sensors, this process is much simpler and more effective.

Why choose TPMS sensors from

When choosing TPMS sensors for your vehicle, it is worth considering not only the price, but above all, the quality and compatibility with the car model. Programming and calibration of sensors are crucial for their proper functioning. Our offer includes TPMS sensors straight from the manufacturer, ensuring reliability and precision of measurements. The sensors are high-quality replacements for the original sensors installed in the car. Our pressure sensors are universal , which means that they are compatible with most cars available on the market - according to the manufacturer's list, this is as many as 95% of car models. Thanks to the long-lasting battery, they can function for up to 7 years. They are easy to install thanks to the use of screw-on valves that can be adjusted to different contact angles. Thanks to this, they fit most types of aluminum rims available on the market.

Programming TPMS sensors.

In order for the sensors to be ready for use, they must be programmed with a professional programmer and activated in the car. There are two main programming methods : assigning new ID numbers, i.e. creating the so-called replacements and copying original ID numbers (cloning). You can read more details on our website dedicated to TPMS.

Advantages of using TPMS sensors - primarily safety and comfort.

    • Safety: early detection of tire pressure loss, accident prevention.
    • Economy: optimal tire pressure ensures lower fuel consumption.
    • Durability: even tire wear by maintaining the correct pressure.
    • Convenience: you always have information about the air condition in your tires at hand, an appropriate message will be displayed on the vehicle's dashboard.

We invite you to take advantage of our rich offer.

We are experts in the field of aluminum rims, tires and tire pressure monitoring systems. We offer a wide range of products dedicated to various car brands and models. Check out our offer and join the group of satisfied customers who have trusted us. We understand how important it is to choose the right TPMS sensors, which is why our experts are at your disposal to provide professional advice and help you choose the best solution. After making your purchase, please contact our team to determine which method of programming your TPMS sensors will be most appropriate.