18'' Alloy wheels 5x112

In this section we offer high quality 18 inch 5x112 alloy wheels. This is a very popular and commonly used rim size in many cars of different classes. They are used in vehicles of premium brands such as Audi, BMW and MERCEDES. In the cars of these manufacturers, they appear both in B and C segment vehicles (usually as optional wheels) and in higher segments, where they are the basic size of rims. We can also find them in cars of the Volkswagen group, such as VW, Škoda, SEAT, Cupra, or the aforementioned Audi. We invite you to get to know our entire offer for 18-inch rims .

High-quality alloy wheels 18 "5x112 from the best manufacturers

The 18" 5x112 alloy wheels offered in our store are the highest quality products. They are characterized by very high durability. They will meet the demanding urban conditions. They will also work well on vehicles used on motorways and expressways. Thanks to the materials subject to rigorous quality control, your new 5x112 rims will look like new for a long time, and most importantly, they will contribute to the safety of your vehicle.