18'' Alloy wheels 4x100

In this section of our store you can discover our extensive range of 18 inch 4x100 alloy wheels. The marking of the 4x100 alloy wheels defines the number of holes for screws or mounting pins and the spacing of these holes. This spacing is the diameter of the circle on which the holes are evenly and axially located. It is expressed in millimeters. The number of mounting holes must correspond to the number of screws (pins) on the hub of a given vehicle. In smaller cars we usually find rims with 4 holes, and in larger ones with 5. The combination of a large 18" rim with 4 holes is not popular. This is a large rim designed mainly for small vehicles such as FIAT Grande Punto, KIA Rio, Mazda MX-5, MINI Cooper, Opel Adam, Renault Clio or Suzuki Swift. A rim in this size in such cars is a way to significantly make their appearance more attractive.

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The 18-inch rims and rims in other sizes offered in our store are products from the professional company RacingLine and rims of their premium sub-brand: Haxer. We invite you to get to know our entire offer.