Wheels Jeep Compass SUV II

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Jeep Compass II - second generation SUV produced since 2017. The car is the successor of the Jeep Patriot, which has undergone significant evolution.

History Jeep Compass II

Szeroka gama felg Aluminiowych do Jeep Compass II. LadneFelgi.pl

Jeep Compass II debuted on the automotive scene in the fall of 2016 first in Brazil, then in the USA at the Internation Auto Show in Los Angeles. For the first time in the history of the Jeep company, it produced a model that in the basic version has only front-wheel drive without the possibility of attaching the rear axle. The Jeep Compass has the same floor plate as the Jeep Patriot and was ranked as its successor and as a successor to the first version of Compass.

Customers interested in buying a Jeep Compass II have four equipment versions to choose from:

  • Sport – as the basic version;
  • Longitude – as a mid-range equipment version;
  • Limited – as a version for customers who expect the most luxurious solutions;
  • Trailhawk – off-road version

All versions except Trailhawk can be purchased in one of two types of drives - for the front axle or 4x4. Jeep Compass II is only available in the 4x4 configuration.

The range of engines on the European market consists of three units - gasoline with a capacity of 1.4 and 140HP, 1.6 Diesel with 120HP and 2.0 Diesel with 140HP and 170HP.

Wheels Jeep Compass II

Jeep Compass II leaves the factory on 17 '' wheels, while it is worth improving the aesthetic value by mounting aluminum wheels in the dimension of even 19 ''. We also have TPMS sensors that will be programmed for the customer's car.