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Novelty. Elite Wheels rims are TÜV and KBA certified


New in the offer of - rims with TÜV and KBA certificate

We are happy to announce that our extensive offer of aluminum rims has been expanded to include new models from the Italian manufacturer Elite Wheels . Responding to the needs of our customers, we decided to offer rims for sale that have TÜV and KBA certificates. Thanks to this, they can be used in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia.

Elite Wheels aluminum rims are a proposition for four-wheel enthusiasts who are looking not only for an aesthetic finish of their vehicle, but also to improve its dynamics and driving characteristics. What distinguishes rims that attract the attention of the most demanding people? First of all, it is the quality of workmanship, certificates guaranteeing the highest standards and unique design.

Elite Wheels – TÜV-certified rims

Elite Wheels aluminum rims have passed comprehensive tests and have been certified by the German TÜV Certification Institutes. TÜV is a prestigious distinction that proves the highest quality, safety and reliability of rims. The certificate facilitates vehicle registration and technical inspections in many countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia. Obtaining it requires passing a series of detailed tests, including load tests, fatigue tests, material analyzes and impact resistance tests.

  • Load tests - experiments reflecting the real conditions of vehicle use, including the forces acting on the rims during dynamic driving, intense braking or driving over bumps.
  • Fatigue tests - carried out over a longer period of time, aim to identify places where the rim may be damaged due to constant load.
  • Material analyzes - analysis of the raw materials used in terms of their quality, which aims to ensure the long-term durability of the rims and their resistance to corrosion.
  • Impact resistance tests – assessing how well the rims cope with sudden, strong impacts, for example when hitting a pothole in the road.

Elite Wheels - TÜV and KBA certified rims

Elite Wheels – KBA certified rims

Elite Wheels rims also boast the KBA certificate issued by the German Federal Automotive Office. This certificate, crucial for the German automotive industry, is proof that the product meets stringent safety and quality standards . KBA certificates are recognized throughout Europe, thanks to which Elite Wheels rims can enjoy a reputation on the international market. To obtain such a certificate, aluminum rims had to pass a number of tests and the factory had to undergo an audit conducted by the German Federal Automotive Office.

  • Tests and Evaluations: The product must pass a series of tests, including strength and fatigue tests, as well as assessments of workmanship and materials. Rims must be able to withstand standard and extreme use conditions without damage that could affect safety.
  • Inspection and audit: The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) inspects production plants to verify production processes and ensure that they are able to consistently produce rims to approved specifications.

Elite Wheels aluminum rim production method

All processes, from the design phase to the production of Elite Wheels, are supported by the latest technologies. Production is largely automated, and each rim goes through rigorous tests in specialized laboratories to ensure that strict norms and standards are met.

All Elite Wheels rims are manufactured using the low-pressure casting technique, which, combined with a special aluminum alloy compliant with ETRTO standards, ensures their exceptional durability. Low-pressure casting enables precise shaping of the rim, eliminating the risk of air bubbles forming, which guarantees their resistance to cracks and deformations.

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification, part of the ISO 9000 family of standards, underlines Elite Wheels' commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality management. The certification process requires compliance with strict management procedures, which is an additional confirmation that the rims produced by Elite Wheels meet international quality standards.

To sum up, has expanded its rich offer with high-quality Elite Wheels aluminum rims . When choosing alloy rims for the 2024/2025 season, it is worth considering rims that have TÜV and KBA certificates.

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