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SDT Stahlrader

Table of Contents

Why StahlRader steel rims?

Logo StahlRader

The manufacturing processes for steel rims are less complicated and the materials from which they are made are cheaper, so their final price is much lower. Not without significance, unlike the light alloy rim, the steel one is easier to repair.

Their most serious disadvantage is, of course, that they are easily corroded. Nevertheless, the bars of their sales keep growing. For example, in 2015, the total consumption according to Eurostat (in thousands of units) was 38 554, and in 2017 it was already 40 161. Interestingly, during these three years the production costs of European steel rim producers increased by 28%. Mainly due to the increase in market prices of hot-rolled flat steel products, which are the key raw material for the production of "nibs".

How many steel rims on the aftermarket in Poland?

Klienci kupują rokrocznie od 200 000 do 400 000 sztuk felg stalowych

When we take into account only purchases made on the aftermarket, it is estimated that customers buy from 200,000 to 400,000 pieces of steel rims each year. And here is the fundamental question: what manufacturer's suggestions are worth considering?

When choosing a new set of rims for a car, the user should first of all take into account safety and choose a tested product that meets the requirements of the relevant technical standards. When buying a rim, it is definitely worth choosing from among products that meet the requirements of Regulation 124 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe regarding the approval of wheels. Rims receive certificates on the basis of tests specified in these regulations. It is worth being careful, because we can meet cheap rims from the Far East, to which only a certificate granted to the factory is attached, not a specific rim.

The marking of the rims is usually located on the outer side of the rim - on the opposite side of the valve. For example, 021703 is the production date in the month / day / year format (in this case, February 17, 2003). The same stamp may also contain markings informing about obtained approvals.

Hot rolled coils account for approximately 50% of the production cost

What makes similar steel rims different in price? Rims are made of various types of steel, which affects their durability. Yes, you can propose a heavier product. Only the reputable producers know very well that the so-called over-engineering represents additional (material) costs for both the manufacturer and the motorists (higher fuel consumption). Better to be guided by the quality of workmanship. It is wise to rely on information about ISO certificates. Product quality starts with the design phase. This is why the industry is more effective in reducing material waste. In the era of precise CNCT machining centers, material losses, i.e. steel scrap in chips from turning, chipping, chiselling and milling, are effectively reduced.

Automated production of steel rims

Do produkcji wykorzystuje się płaskie wyroby ze stali walcowanej na gorąco, niepoddane trawieniu, o szerokości co najmniej 600 mm oraz o grubości od 3 mm do 10 mm.

Nowadays, the production of steel rims is largely made to order; inventory at a given point in time generally means that the goods have been sold but not yet delivered. In order to ensure sound business processes, compliance with regulations and appropriate documentation, the implementation of a quality management system plays an important role. Non-pickled, hot-rolled steel flat, non-pickled steel, minimum 600 mm wide and 3 mm to 10 mm thick, is used for the production of 'nibs'. Profile steel also includes angles, sections and profiles. Plus a welding wire. Not only in carbon steel (e.g. 7217 30 12.51 CNY / kg). Better quality of welds is guaranteed by wire made of silicon-manganese steel (e.g. 7229 20 00 9.73 CNY / kg). Paints? Most often based on polyesters, acrylic or vinyl polymers. And the whole assortment of chemicals, to mention preparations for etching metal surfaces.

Big steel rollers every time

Proces spawania felg stalowych wygląda arcyciekawie

The production process of "nibs" begins with cutting the desired forms, which are ground to remove any burrs and other surface imperfections. This is necessary when the bent circles of the future rim are to be welded. When the joint is still hot, the excess binder is removed. Subsequently, the steel sleeve is subjected to pressing and rolling processes, during which characteristic humps are formed along the entire width of the rim and the edge supporting the tire. Finally, the front surfaces of the steel rims are placed in the heated rim and both elements are welded together, and a moment later the static and dynamic imbalance is examined on another stand.

The specification defines the quality system requirements for products in the field of design or development, production, installation and service in the automotive industry. High-quality products are confirmed by numerous certificates (ISO, ASO, VIA and JWL) and a long manufacturer's warranty period of up to three years! This is the case with SDT StahlRader steel rims.

Steel rims StahlRader in our offer

Felgi StahlRader w naszej ofercie

StahlRader - steel rims in our offer

The high durability and low cost of purchasing StahlRader steel rims make them often chosen both for the winter season and for off-road vehicles used in difficult conditions, where the frequency of damage is high. The chassis, especially the wheels, are the basic element ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers, which is why we offer only goods from a proven manufacturer. This gives us confidence in customer satisfaction.

A wide range of steel rims at low prices

Felga stalowa StahlRäder - prezentacja produktu

The steel StahlRader rims available in our store are manufactured in several stages and their subsequent elements are created on several stations in parallel. In the first one, a huge sheet of steel is properly bent, welded and smoothed. Then the rim is processed in a press creating appropriate indentations on its surface. At the same time, the mounting plane for the vehicle rim is created at the second station. The first of the presses creates pin holes in this element, and the next one creates ventilation holes and a central hole. When the plane is properly recessed, the two elements are joined together at high temperature, which allows the assembly plane to jam in the sleeve. Additionally, both elements are welded together. This complicated production process ensures high quality , and the care at every stage of production is evidenced by such product features as smooth edges of all holes and even varnish coating - which in the case of other manufacturers of "nibs" is not so obvious. All these elements ensure the highest quality and allow for a 24-month warranty on the goods.

StahlRader - powder coated rims

Malowanie proszkowe

Painting is one of the last stages in the production of rims. Each steel StahlRader rim is powder coated - the most popular method available on the market today. This action makes the product look aesthetically pleasing and is at the same time protected against corrosion, chemicals and mechanical damage. In addition, the rims easily pass tests carried out in a salt chamber reflecting difficult weather and road conditions.

What is powder coating? In short: the action of electrostatic forces between the paint and the rim. In this process, the paint is in the form of a dry powder. Powder coating is the application of electrified paint particles to the surface of the rim. Painted elements are heated to high temperature, thanks to which the paint melts and creates a uniform structure.

What are the advantages of powder coating rims?

  • durability of the applied paint,
  • rim protection against corrosion,
  • rim protection against chemicals,
  • rim protection against mechanical damage,
  • aesthetic considerations.


StahlRader - compliance with the international ISO quality management standards

Zgodność z międzynarodowymi standardami zarządzania jakością ISO

More words about the patented technology on the example of renowned steel rims. SDT StahlRader is a line of steel rims present on the market since 2008 , which was created under the own brand of It is the production processes completed with a test cycle that determine the reputation of SDT StahlRader. Manufacturing plants certified according to international standards carry out tensile tests, radial runout (permissible deviations up to 0.8 mm) and dynamic balancing, as well as corrosion resistance. The integrity of the structure and the absence of microcracks are impressive. What's more, the paint coating is also assessed. Finally, all rims are tested for strength under load. The tightness of each piece is checked, so only 100% tested rims will be marketed. Each purchased SDT StahlRader is an ISO / TS 16949 certificate and… valve (bolts / nuts not included).

StahlRader - high quality above all

Felgi stalowe z certyfikatem ISO/TS 16949

At the production stage, thorough research and analysis are carried out, and only rims that have passed the following tests are on sale at

  • strength test under load,
  • tensile tests,
  • radial runout tests (permissible deviations are up to 0.8 mm),
  • dynamic balance tests,
  • corrosion resistance tests,
  • leak test,
  • paint coating test,
  • X-ray diagnostics of the integrity of the structure and the absence of microcracks.


StahlRader - see the production process of steel rims in the video and photos

Fast and well packaged shipment

Felgi StahlRader - Wysyłka DPD

By making a purchase in our store, you will receive steel rims perfectly packed. Rims are packed in thick and strong boxes and additionally secured with spacers to minimize the amount of damage during transport. We ship the rims no later than 24 hours after placing the order, and thanks to the DPD courier company, we deliver them in 99% on the next working day. In addition, despite the use of additional security in the form of spacers, we insure each of our shipments. This gives us the certainty that ultimately each customer will receive a new, undamaged and 100% functional product.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with and take advantage of our offer.